Growing Peanuts At Home

I was so excited earlier this year when my husband brought home a bag of peanuts for us to plant.  The idea started with a silly gift that I bought him a few years back while visiting Savannah.  It was a little pack that had three peanuts that you can grow in a pot.  Even though they were several years old they took off and grew quickly on the back porch so we decided to plant a few rows.

Well a few rows turned into a lot of  rows, but that’s ok, I LOVE peanuts so I was thrilled when I came home from work and saw all of the work that he put into getting the area ready.  I love this kind of gardening, all I had to do was walk the rows and plant.

After a few weeks our peanuts and sweet potatoes started sprouting!

At first we spent a good bit of time weeding the garden.  Later in the summer the temperatures reached 107 and the last thing on my mind was weeding!  Luckily the peanut plants choked out most of the weeds except for some grass which is almost impossible to get rid of anyway.

Yesterday I talked my husband into pulling a plant even though we knew they were not quite ready.  I just had to see how many peanuts we might get off each plant.  I cant wait to boil and can a few jars and I would love to hear your favorite boiled peanut recipes!

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