Earn Free Food

Yes, you read that correctly.  FREE FOOD! What family couldn’t use free groceries?  With the ever rising cost of food and the staggering amount most families waste, feeding your family is one of the larger portions of your budget.  THRIVE Life offers their customers an awesome product with AMAZING perks.

Just by hosting a THRIVE Life party you can earn free and half off products!  That’s right, just by having a demonstration in your home or an online/Facebook party you can earn free food just for sharing THRIVE with your friends and family.  See the awesome host benefits below.

Want even more perks? You can join our team to earn extra cash while enjoying the benefits of being a host!

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Host Benefits

Here’s what you’ll enjoy as a Host:

10% of your total party sales in free product—no minimum!

Additional half-price productfor reaching certain sale levels.
See chart

$100 of product at half pricefor every guest who books their own party.

Triple benefits when customers enroll in the Q—get benefits on their order amount times 3!

A double dip promotion lets you count an order you placed at another party toward your own sales at the party you host.