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do-thrive-consultants-make-moneyBenefits of Becoming A Consultant:

  • You will receive 10% commission on all sales including your personal orders.
  • In addition to receiving your commission check each moth you can also be the host of your own parties and earn host benefits for free food, shelving and emergency supplies.
  • Once you make a sale you can sit back and relax.  All orders are shipped directly from Shelf Reliance so you don’t have to worry about packaging or keeping inventory.
  • You can have as many consultants on your team as you want and you will earn commissions from their sales too!
  • Make 5% commission on your customer’s Q orders even if you don’t book any parties for the month.
  • By joining our team I will help your home party business and also show you how to have successful internet sales.
  • In addition to having great contacts from members of our team you will also have access to training material, marketing material and forums to help your business grow.
  • By earning extra money and free products you and your family will benefit by knowing that they are becoming more prepared and self reliant each month.

Requirements of Consultants:

There are only two requirements to becoming part of the THRIVE Life team.

Have an active Q of $50 before shipping and purchase a starter kit.  There are no minimum sales requirements or inventory to deal with.  Simply enjoy the products from your Q and earn income on any sales you make!  It doesn’t get much easier than that!


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To join our team click below or call me, Leigh Ann @ 803-443-6636

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To join our team click below or call me, Leigh Ann @ 803-443-6636