Prepare a little….save a lot!

MSN posted a great article about being prepared and keeping some of your hard earned money in your wallet and not at the grocery store.  THRIVE foods are a great way to build your own home store with great tasting long lasting foods that your family will love.

Image: Grocery shopping (© Randy Faris/Corbis)Extreme U.S. drought conditions are likely to translate to bigger grocery bills through next year. A recent post on MSN Money Smart Spending noted that even just a corn-crop failure would mean “higher prices for everything from cereal to soda pop.”

It isn’t just corn, though. Wheat and soybeans are looking dismal, fruits and vegetables are wilting, and the meat and dairy industries face heat-related issues.

The bad news: Your food budget is going to take a hit. The good news? A few simple steps can noticeably reduce the impact. When you see good prices, buy as much as your freezer can hold. Use a lot of canned meats or chicken or beef broth? Watch for deals on those products, too. Meat prices are expected to increase as much as 4.5%.

Storing the goods
Watch for deals on canned, dried and frozen foods, too, Nelson advises. Many of the products currently on supermarket shelves are from the 2011 harvest, which is cheaper than the 2012 one will be.

Don’t have much storage space? Focus on the foods you eat most often. If your household goes through a couple of pounds of pasta per month, stocking up might save you only a dollar or two. But how many boxes of cereal do you buy each week?

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