How To Prepare For An Ebola Outbreak

This evening I read a very informative article on Natural News.  This article goes over the top ten things you need to do now to protect your family from an Ebola outbreak.  Weeks ago I mentioned the outbreak to a family member who thought I was crazy to be worried.  Well, here we are with the first case on US soil.  Our thoughts are not to worry but to be prepared, there is a big difference!

Photo Source: Sky News

You can read the full article here……while we can help you with #2 in the article a well rounded plan is vital for any survival situation.

#2) Significantly enhance your local food supplies in anticipation of quarantines and food disruptions

One of the first things that happens in a medical quarantine is that food quickly becomes scarce. There are three reasons for this:

1) The quarantine restricts movement of transport traffic into and out of the quarantine zone.

2) Drivers of transport vehicles refuse to make deliveries into the quarantine zone.

3) Citizens stuck inside the quarantine zone begin to stockpile all supplies in anticipation of supply shortages.

Currently, millions of citizens in Sierra Leone are suffering under a hellish quarantine which has resulted in a near-total economic collapse of the region.

If you don’t believe me, see this Washington Post article entitled Ebola-stricken Liberia is descending into economic hell.

Learn more:

Read the full article here.

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