THRIVE Life Lemonade – Gluten Free – Non GMO

Classic Lemonade

Classic Lemonade
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Q-Club: $19.99

Our THRIVE Classic Lemonade is back for the summer! Just add water and your sweetener of choice for the perfect summer drink, or sprinkle the powder into other drinks, smoothies, or even baked goods to add that refreshing lemon flavor. Lemonade is a seasonal item, so get it now before it’s gone!
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More about Classic Lemonade:

  • Available exclusively in pantry can size
  • Each can makes 56 quarts (14 gallons)
  • Vitamin fortified, with 100% vitamin C
  • Gluten-free with no GMO
  • 5 year shelf life
THRIVE Tip: Classic Lemonade
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