Cooking With Quinoa THRIVE Life

Quinoa Cooking Basics


Quinoa is a whole “grain” (technically seed) that’s a complete protein (has all 9 essential amino acids), gluten-free, high in fiber, and a great source of tons of vitamins and minerals—plus THRIVE Quinoa is organic!  It cooks fast, is versatile, and adds a great texture and a healthy boost to any dish.

Not sure how to use quinoa? Take a look at our video for tips from Chef Todd on how to prepare and use quinoa, and check out our tips and recipes below. Quinoa is a January specials item, so order now to save big on this superfood!


Asparagus & Quinoa Salad
A deliciously unique side dish

Quinoa Encrusted Chicken
This family-friendly chicken uses
a quinoa breading

Organic Quinoa

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5 Ways to Use Quinoa

 Serve as a base for entrees
  (instead of rice)

• Chill it for cold salads

• Warm it to eat for breakfast

• Grind it into a powder & add
  to cookies & breads

• Use it as breading instead of
  bread crumbs

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