Shelf Reliance Salsa

I am really not a fan of wasting food.  That being said we always seem to have certain items in the fridge that are not eaten and eventually get thrown out.  It never fails to have half a jar of salsa that gets lost in the back of the fridge and goes bad.

thrive salsa

A few years ago we started making our own salsa in batches that are just the right size.  Not only did the salsa taste better we got more for our money since we didn’t waste any.  This past weekend we made nachos and I didn’t have any fresh tomatoes on hand, thankfully I had most of the needed ingredients in my home store.

Sometimes I still can’t get over how awesome THIVE freeze dried foods are. I would pick this salsa over store bought any day!


Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes and enjoy!  
Recipe adapted from Chef Todd’s Salsa Recipe

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