Shelf Reliance – THRIVE Life

This year at our convention Shelf Reliance announced some great new products and exciting news.  The company is changing its name to THRIVE Life.  I am excited about the new name and I think it hits the mark with what our products can do for our customers, our consultants and others around the world with Thriving Nations.

In addition to this huge news we also have two new product lines, THRIVE Spices & Seasonings and THRIVE Sauces!  I am so excited to have these as an addition to my home store.  With these great items it swill allow me to create even more dishes than before while saving me time and money.

THRIVE Spices & Seasonings – Fresh Flavor That Lasts

THRIVE Seasonings allow you to experience the unmatched flavor of fresh herbs without all of the hassle.  Our spices and herbs are all natural freeze dried giving them a 25 year shelf life.  This line is also certified gluten free!  
  • 5 all natural herbs and 4 delicious natural blends
  • Freeze dried for fresh herb flavor
  • Uniquely packaged for a 25 year shelf life
  • Conveniently sized with pop top lids for easy daily use.
THRIVE Sauces:
Our THRIVE Sauces are made from the highest quality ingredients and are a quick and easy way to turn any dish into a gourmet meal.  
  • Original blends developed in-house
  • GMO free
  • Certified gluten free
  • All Natural
  • 10 year shelf life 
Bechamel – Creamy White Sauce – Makes delicious Alfredo sauce, cheese sauce or potato soup
Espagnole – Savory Beef Gravy – Perfect for beef and pork dishes, stews or mashed potatoes
Tomato – Classic Tomato Sauce – A staple for quick and easy pasta, pizza or tomato soup
Veloute – Rich Chicken Gravy – Just the ting for chicken dishes, soups, pot pies and casseroles
These wonderful new products are available only through me, your consultant. Contact me today to purchase!  

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