Shelf Reliance Japan – Coming Soon!

Japan Shelf Reliance Consultant

Japan is now open for enrollment! In anticipation of our launch in Japan in early January, we are now allowing people to enroll as Shelf Reliance consultants and begin building teams in Japan. New consultants can enroll on the Japan website or by filling out our pre-launch application form. Please note that the Japan website will not be completely translated and functional until the launch. Products will not be available for order until the time of the launch, and starter kits will not be shipped (or charged to you) until after the launch.

Information about our Japan policies, as well as the products and pricing that will be available in Japan, can be found on our Japan FAQ (available in bothEnglish and Japanese) and Japan price list, which are available on My Office in Consultant Materials and Training when the Japan region is selected in the top right corner.

Let your friends and family in Japan know that they can now enroll as Shelf Reliance consultants!

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