Frugal Friday……finally!

Another great way to save money and time is by using Shelf Reliance Taco TVPWith a cost per serving between .35 and .60 cents per serving it is a great staple to have handy.  Tonight I had soft taco and my husband opted for nachos!

After rehydrating the Taco TVP I browned it with a little bit of olive oil.  Make sure to drain the TVP well so that it will brown and not steam!

This is the TVP after re-hydrating and before browning.
I added cheese, sour cream, Rotel tomatoes and a few olives.
I had sour cream and cheese in the fridge but you could also use
Shelf Reliance’s freeze dried cheese and sour cream powder.

I love the new Thrive Cookbook!
It has great recipes for their food storage items.

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