Thrive Foods

THRIVE Freeze Dried Foods


THRIVE foods offers great tasting high quality foods designed for everyday use and storage. By storing what you eat and eating what you store you will always have fresh items on hand at any time.  In addition to creating a home store you will save time and money.  You will reduce your trips to the store, reduce the amount of spoiled food thrown out and since THRIVE foods are already diced  you will save time chopping, dicing and browning!


THRIVE foods offers the same food that you use every day and would typically buy from the grocery store with the advantage of a longer shelf life.  You wont have to worry about running out of a particular ingredient or having to stop at the store after work to grab milk or cheese etc…

Since THRIVE has an extended shelf life you can create your own home store without having to worry about your food going bad.  On average the typical American household throws out 25% of their food due to spoilage.  With the ever rising cost of groceries throwing away spoiled food is like throwing money out the door.

Healthy & Delicious

Thrive products are all natural and free of harmful preservatives and additives.  Most THRIVE products are freeze dried.  The process of freeze drying creates foods that are shelf stable while keeping the highest amount of color, taste and nutrients.  In addition to freeze dried items THRIVE also offers dehydrated items.  Dehydrated foods retain more water than freeze dried foods resulting in foods that weigh more and have a shorter shelf life.  By offering foods preserved by both processes THRIVE offers the most complete line of shelf stable foods.

Freeze Dried Food

Start your home store funded from your current budget

Starting a home store is often a daunting task if you do not know where or how to start. THRIVE Life has created the Q, an awesome way to take the guess work out of food storage.  By allocating an amount from your current grocery budget to THRIVE foods you will start to grow your home store without any added expense.  By setting up a monthly Q with a budget and food items that you choose you will add great tasting long lasting foods to your home store each month.

The peace of mind you will enjoy knowing that you have the food and supplies to feed your family during an uncertain event such as job loss, natural disaster or economic hardship is invaluable.  Having a sufficient supply of THRIVE will give you the security during good times and help you survive in tough times.