About Us

For years we wanted to start a food storage system.  We really didnt know where to start and what to buy.  We stocked up on various canned foods that we never seemed to want to eat on a daily basis and they eventually expired and were thrown out.  

I set out on a search to find a system that would work for us and was so excited when I found THRIVE Life!  The selection and quality of the food is better than anything I had tried in the past.  With a shelf life of 25 years on most items, I knew that we wouldn't waste our hard earned money on food that is thrown away.  I love the convenience of having the foods that we use in stock at any given time!  

I have introduced several family members and friends to THRIVE and I have to admit that at first there was a question mark above their heads when I mentioned freeze dried food.  After they sampled the foods they realized how great they taste and are now enjoying the time and money saving benefits of THRIVE foods.


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